We sat down with Andrew Hayes, operator and co-owner of Roasti Coffee Company to learn more about his business and partnership with Full City & Supply…

    How did you get started in the coffee business?  

    I was looking for a job that I could do on my own time.  I had had a bad head injury and needed the flexibility to be able to work when I felt ok to do so.  My dad works in Brazil and became friends with the people who grow our coffee, so we saw an opportunity and ordered a roaster to start a roasting company. 

     What did you do before starting Roasti? 

     I was a hockey player, playing semi-professional hockey.  I was injured when I was playing college hockey. 

     Why did you think it was important to be a local coffee roaster? 

    At the time, I was new to the business and didn’t really think about specifically being a local coffee roaster, but in retrospect I appreciate that what we do in Sherwood Park, Alberta can affect so many others around the world.  People aren’t only supporting a coffee roaster in Sherwood Park but supporting the whole supply chain, people all around the world.  


    Did you feel that you had the skills to start a business? 

    I did!  I went to business school and I gained knowledge and experience to have the skills to open a coffee roastery. 

     How did you start working with Full City & Supply?

     I reached out on Instagram, I was looking for syrups specifically and found you guys. 

     What are your favourite products they supply for your customers? 

    Plant based alternatives mylk.  Milkadamia mylk has been a game changer for us and all they Oat mylks that you supply. 

    What is your favourite beverage on your menu?

    Right now it would be our Ethiopian pour over.

     What is unique about your business?

    Our location.  Providing locally roasted coffee outside of Edmonton. 

     What do you like best about owning Roasti? 

    Seeing people’s reaction to getting a cup of coffee everyday having someone roll in at 7 am for a cup of coffee and instantly making their day. 

     What is a fun fact about you that many people may not know?

    I’m missing one of my front teeth, and it wasn’t even because of hockey!

     Decaf or Caffeinated?

    Caffeinated for sure!

     How important do you think community is in your cafe?

    Probably the most important part.  Without a strong community and culture we wouldn’t be able to do what we do everyday. 

     Do you have a favourite customer? 

    There are a few customers that are great.  One in particular, Dora, her smile is infectious.    

     Can you describe your customers? 

    We appeal to everyone.  16 year old kids and 80 year old men all appreciate our coffee.  

    Where do you see the business in five years? 

    I would like to see us branch out outside of Edmonton.  To be recognized as a high quality roaster across Canada.   We would like to continue our growth while keeping our same vibe and culture.

     What do you think the future is for community coffee shops? 

    I think the future is bright for community coffee shops.  More people are willing to spend their time and money locally, sharing space with their neighbours. 

     What has been one of your greatest successes so far? 

    I’m sitting in it (in Roasti)!  Seeing our vision come true. 

     To learn more about Andrew and Roasti please visit his website at