About Us

    Full City & Supply is an Edmonton and area based company that supplies local businesses, including independent coffee shops and restaurants with a carefully curated selection of high quality products that help businesses save time and money.

    Our Story

    Leigh and Michelle met in their prior full-time careers with a national consumer packaged goods company. As their roles evolved and their families grew, the two continued to stay in touch and shared time together during their maternity leaves.

    As both Leigh and Michelle have a sales and distribution background, partnering together to operate Full City & Supply became an obvious fit for the pair who both had a strong entrepreneurial drive. The two share a common love for coffee shops and what coffee shops have come to represent: community.

    While the company continues to evolve and grow, the importance of relationships continues to be at the forefront of their business. Providing great service and flexible solutions to business owners is at the core of the company values.

    Full City & Supply truly believes in adding value for their customers by allowing them to offer unique, locally-sourced products that attract the right clientele to increase their bottom line.


    The business has been serving the Edmonton coffee scene since the 1990’s. Formerly known as Peak Plantation Coffees, they focused on coffee beans, syrups and teas after the original founder noticed there was a need for good, local coffee.

    In 2007, the business was purchased by co-owner, Leigh Matheson. Leigh focused on growing the business while continuing to work full-time until 2013, when co-owner, Michelle Macdonald joined the business. The partners decided that a re-brand was on the horizon and that’s when Full City & Supply was officially formed.

    You may be wondering, where did Company name comes from? From their love of coffee! Full City is the name applied to a degree of roast of coffee beans which is darker than a city roast. In this roast, the beans roast past the first crack, but stop prior to reaching the second crack. Coffee brewed from beans roasted to this degree mute some of the characteristics of the green coffee, especially more acidic tones. A full city roast will also develop sweetness and body present in the coffee.

    From 2016 to 2018, they continued to expand the business and product offerings. The coffee scene in Edmonton has grown exponentially in the last few years and they have loved playing an integral part in the local coffee shop community.