1883 Apple Syrup 1L

    A legacy that spans over 138 years, none can compare to the passion, quality, and experience of Routin 1883 Syrups – the world’s premier syrup!

    The fruity scent of appleDelicious ripe apple flavour, perfect acidity.

    Product association: 

    • With alcohol - All alcohol, Beer, Cocktail, Wine, Calvados
    • Alcohol-free - Soda, Smoothie, Pineapple juice

    The only premium syrup exclusively “Made in France” with:

    Pure water from the French Alps for clean flavour

    Real fruit juices for an authentic, less-sweet syrup taste

    Non-GMO ingredients, Pure Cane and no HFCS

    Clean label to EU standards. Core flavours are <<all-natural>>

    1L bottle glass bottles


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