Mojo Jojo Real Vanilla Sweetener 500ml

    An all-natural specialty drink syrups perfect for crafted coffees, teas and hot beverages.   Made with non-GMO Vegan Cane sugar syrup base with all natural ingredients and no artificial colours or flavours.

    A cane sugar syrup with real vanilla.  

    Perfect for Coffee,  cocktails and confections. 

    500ml PET bottle

    Vegan , Non GMO, Gluten Free

    ingredients:  vegan cane sugar, water, sodium benzoate, vanilla, vanillin, citric acid, salt. 

    Mojo Jojo Pickles was started in 2011 as a commercial venture of a Slow Food Edmonton Canning Bee project Johwanna "Jojo" Alleyne started in 2010.

    A former Photographer Darkroom Technician and Photographic Archivist,  Johwanna made the switch to full-time pickling in 2011.  Having lived through the digital age of photography,  using her creativity to make and share real things was a return to her creative roots.

    Mojo Jojo Pickles has expanded to include many creative acidified and spirited preserved foods from pickles to condiments, beverage syrups, and shrubs.  

    Mojo Jojo in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan and can be found in local groceries, delicatessens, butchers and artisan shops in Canada. 

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