Rebel Liquid Cocoa 340g

    Welcome to the new standard in hot chocolate. Made in Canada, Rebel liquid cocoa is sourced from one of the highest quality and most ethical organic cocoas in the world.  Rebel Liquid Cocoa produces a deep and rich hot chocolate all while containing 25% less sugar than commercial sauces or syrup currently on the market.  The chocolate sauce contains only 4 ingredients, is all-natural and for the most part organic.  We also love that it is VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE

    Origin: Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania
    Bean Variety: Trinitario
    Flavour Notes: Brownie and Dark Cherry

    Basic: Simply heat your favourite mylk, we like Pacific Soy, and add the desired quantity of Liquid Cocoa.   Remember Rebel liquid cocao isn't too sweet so try 1 oz of liquid cocoa with 8 oz of mylk.  

    Next Level:  Add Espresso, try it cold, over ice.

    340g = approximately 12 servings


    • Organic and direct trade cocoa
    • Organic cane sugar
    • Single-origin craft-made chocolate
    • Water
    • A tiny bit of guar gum for texture

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